Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Quotes

All things must change,
to something new ,
to something strange.
-LongfellowYes Thing 2 bleached his hair....
it was brown. Now it is gold.

Knitting: DM's sock.
the needle is marking the dropped stitch.

Bumpkin's cardigan...
It was to big so I frogged back an inch.

Knitting: After putting the cardigan back onto the needles- I counted out my stitches. And discovered that I had forgotten several of the increases! There aren't 123 stitches- only somewhere around 114. ARRRRRRGGGGGG!!!!! That means all of my projects that are on the needles require frogging! I am so frustrated! Want/ desire to knit but something that requires no thought or ripping out of stitches.

Weather: Sunny/cloudy ahhh.. Hazy! and 50 F. Had to go read Contest rules and it clearly states when the snow is gone from the yard surrounding the swing set. (Because today there is only patches of snow under the swing set).


Kazul said...

OOOOh, I really like his hair. It looks good! And I am so glad you said it was Lee's sock....It almost looks like underclothing! Knitted!!! And Little Britches' shawl thing is cute, too. :o) You could always use your sewing machine and make your sister something interesting! Again!

Andreanalaska said...

OMG, did he mean for it to come out that color?
He could do worse.