Monday, April 14, 2008

Random Website Monday

Today was a hard day on the snow people population.......
A very busy day at the bird feeder.
We had Boreal Chickadees, Black capped Chickadees
and this guy.

While I was airing out the house....
Athena discovered the bird feeder too.

The baby booties that will fit a 12 mos. not
3-6 mos like the pattern said.
(Athena was interested in what I was doing..
probably looking for catnip).

Knitting: Many more rows on DM's sock.
Sewing: Altered a shirt for DH's coworker. DH said he couldn't even tell where the repair was made. So I am charging $15.00. That'll pay for some new bobbins. And the rest goes into a piggy bank for Crafts. Need more knitting needles.... need more yarn.... need more material.... need time to do these things!

Anyone notice the clean tabletop the booties are sitting on? Well the sewing machine table got cleared off tonight as well. Put away patterns, threw mittens away that didn't quite make a mitten. Also found the pattern for Bumpkins cardigan so now the sleeves can be started.

Random Website: The snowman website.. Yes the "man" has a site of his own!

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