Monday, April 21, 2008

Random Website Monday

Lifting off:Higher.......

and there you have it..

complete Lift off...

and the landing.....

Knitting: rewound Bumpkin's cardigan ( it is now 4 balls of yarn- there was a knot that had to be cut.) And because everything is so depressing- I cast on for a new item. A scarf using US 11 and 2 yarns. White fun fur and black acrylic. cast on 24 and am knitting it in garter stitch using the continental technique.

Thought that I had training so went out there... no training. Bumpkins and I had fun over at Nana's. Bumpkins got to take a big girl bath, she is so comfortable in water. Lays down on her back (ok so she covers her ears so water won't get in them), rolls over (complete w/getting soap bubbles in her eyes), kicks and splashes. DM's comp had some maintenance work done on it- hope that it runs faster now.

Needed gas- good thing I got it tonight. Tomorrow it is going up to $3.99 pg tonight it was $3.89, by the end of next weekend it is supposed to be $4.10 pg. And it isn't even Memorial Day when prices usually go up. There is no rhyme nor reasoning behind these latest price increases. Told DH that we should move to Indonesia because everything is cheap over there!

Random website: Some humor over at youtube..... and only an idiot would hold something while chickens pecked at it! And here the chickens are even more aggresive.....and again the bloke sticks his hand into the feeding frenzy.

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Lynn said...

Love the pictures!!! Great shots of daddy and his little girl.

I can't get over how much money your gas is. Ours was $3.49 this AM. Not as much but still WAY too high!

and I totally get wanting to cast on for something mindless, too many other projects are giving you trouble.