Monday, April 7, 2008

Random Website Monday

Bumpkins first snowman.
(it is less than 5" tall).
I was informed that it needed a Hat!
Here is a close up,
the rocks are eyes,
the arms are on the back.
All done now?
NO! it needs someping...
flowers for its Birthday.

Knitting: am now only 2 rows from starting Bumpkin's sleeves on the cardigan. Also have about 4" left to do on DH's scarf.

DH took the laptop w/him to work last night. So I sat down in front of the little tv and watched Battlestar Gallactica not the original series, but the latest. We are still in Season 1 of that- oh wow it is good though. Got a fair amount of knitting and laundry done.

Today was nice out and after errands, I took Bumpkins outside while the steaks cooked on the grill. She was outside for over a 1/2 hour and no the steaks didn't burn. Put them on the grill frozen and turned the flames down to low. She filled a bucket with snow and then dumped it out. Interesting picture: winter jacket, fleece hat, mittens, leggings, mud boots, shovels and a bucket. Yep and Alaskan child playing in the springtime.

Bumpkins did do a first today: Went on her first elevator ride (it scared her! the poor tyke started crying and we only went down one floor!) She is getting so big so fast! Her imaginary friend really isn't imaginary- it is her right pointer finger. Finger gets into so much trouble! After she stacks her blocks up, they get knocked down... "Finger don't do that! Finger knocked over my blocks". "Finger, go in time out". And some of my favorites "Finger took my glove off!" and "Finger did it". Just this last week the pointer finger on the other hand was named "Lolly". So now "finger" doesn't play nicely with "Lolly".

Wish I could take a pic of the moon tonight. Very pretty- crescent with just a shimmer of the rest of the moon behind it. Better start getting your seeds and soil together. Plant on the next full moon.

Random website: And for all the sci-fi buffs out there that no longer pay for cable/satellite tv.. check out this site. Sci-fi

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Lucy said...

Funny.. we'd been so looking forward to the new season of Battlestar (though we don't have cable, we find it online and such) and were planning to rewatch some of last season, however, with the new boy being born right before hand we didn't really have time. What was on sci-fi all day all week while I was in the hospital though? a nice battlestar marathon! :) So now I'm just finishing up the last little bit on dvds while I'm up late at night.