Sunday, June 1, 2008

Saturday Sky and yard

Saturday Evening sky...
picture taken at 12:30 am (Sunday am).

Beautiful spring flowers...
Alaska State Flower
Knitting: nothing finished. Bumpkin's leggings are about 3 rows from being done. (Dropped another stitch and need daylight to pick it back up).

Sewing: still working on the quilt square that was supposed to go in the mail today.

I have been taking time off of work for the last week and have finished nothing that I set out to do.

DM is doing better thank you for the prayers.

Friday night was Relay for life walk and it got super cold! When Bumpkin's and I drove home at 12:30 the one temp billboard read 45 F, the car was reading 46 F. And it got colder than that! Forecast was for 39 F, this does not seem to be a bean year.

Not sure if anything can go in my garden this year... very bad shrew/mouse infestation. I was using a pick axe to break up the sod and to stir up the soil and scared up a shrew! DH said that he saw about 10 shrews in there this AM and the stray cat was just sitting in the pasture. Not sure if I want to unbarricade my garden.. if I do the cat can get the critters and also the feline has the ability to leave undesirable items behind. So the search goes on for the removal of the critters. ( they will burrow into anything that I plant and if I plant potatoes they will eat them.)

All week was nice and sunny weather. Went geocaching on Tuesday that was so much fun. Friday went swimming. The rest of the time was spent at home.

Movies watched: The Golden Compass: Very good! 27 Dresses: to much like the wedding planner.


Fiber Chic said...

GEocaching is always fun! What did you find?

Lynn said...

Ok it is really that bright at midnight?!?! Or did you lighten it?

And geocaching IS fun! What did you find?