Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Sky and yard

Another rhubarb picture.
(because the purple violet yard pic didn't turn out).
Saturday Sky
10:15 pm

Knitting: nothing new really. Met up w/other Ravelers for IKIP day (International Knit in Public) attempted to cast on for a sock there. This next sock I will endeavor to learn the Norwegian Cast On technique. It is supposed to make the cuff somewhat elasticky.

Sewing: Still pondering on how to quilt DH's quilt together. Have the sections sandwiched and pinned. Now what? It is not going to be done by tomorrow.

Today was a busy day... first stayed up most of the night because DH had a gig last night. Then one of his Supervisors for work called and said that DH was supposed to be at work at 8:00 am today. I replied "He wasn't supposed to be on the schedule until Sunday". So after DH came in at 2:30 am, all that was straightened out. Needless to say he got up for work at 6:30! Then Bumpkins and I got up around 8:30 for a gathering at Mugz for KIP day which started around 9:30. After which we went to Fred Meyer to get a wedding card and a Father's day card. While there discovered that cakes could be decorated for only $4.00. So Bumpkin's decorated a cake for her Daddy- what fun that was! We then returned home, and scrambled to get ready for a wedding. We missed the ceremony but got to the reception. Didn't recognize Nigel- he was really nicely dressed, Laura was beautiful too. Had a good time. Old boss Karen Kester was there and I sat right next to her. She hasn't changed at all! Ok so I was hob nobbin- sitting with board members, old bosses, current big boss, and little boss. After that we barely made it to the library to return books. Then home. All this before 5:00 pm! I was exhausted! Did I mention the laundry that was done? So now it is late and the sun is out (figures as the temps drop, the skies clear up).

So now I am off to watch a movie... perhaps the English Patient and knit something for a Keychain C/KAL. Am thinking about this little purse- but only felt it first.

Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers for the fire- couple of days ago found out that (on the day of the fire) one of my neighbors found and put out a hot spot near our house. The firefighters then found another hot spot roughly 75- 100 feet away from our house. If the hotspots hadn't been found and put out, the fire would have wrapped around the firefighting effort and blocked everyone into the subdivision. (Leaving the only exit of the river- as our house sits on the corner of the beginning of the subdivision, the building directly behind our house has a Huge propane tank outside it). God's miracles never cease to amaze me.

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Lynn said...

It still amazes me how bright it is outside so late at night. How do you get Bumpkins to sleep when its still light outside?!