Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Strange Stuff Tuesday

Knitting: nothing new is really calling to me... do need to cast on another pair of socks for DM for Christmas.

Sewing: unearthed an old UFO quilt square this last week. will post a pic sometime. But in the meantime I have been busy perusing the internet for a border pattern for the Round Robin quilt exchange that I am in. Did buy a wonderful piece of material to go with it. Now to definitely decide on a pattern so I can cut this out and sew it together. Bumpkins and I went to our LQS on Sunday (she did not want to leave! Bribing did nothing; ended up bodily picking her up and hauling her out of there!) Monday after training we walked over to a neighbor's and Bumpkins had a hey day playing in her batiks. Oh wow! what an amazing craft room- it took up the ENTIRE downstairs! Almost 1200 square feet!

Had training on Monday- Red Cross recerts for CPR. Did you know that the Red Cross procedures weren't on their website? You have to go elsewhere to find the official Red Cross guidelines for CPR.

Better be off to bed now... morning comes awfully early.

Strange Stuff: And this gives the term dial up computer a whole new meaning...

eta: and no it doesn't really get pitch black here at night. dusky dark yes but not deep dark. (and that was around 2:30 am. when the temps were down to 34 F again! even the grass doesn't want to grow this year)


Lynn said...

Very cool to see moose running across the road like that! But can't imagine that you are still so cold at night!!!! Even with these long days!!!

Fiber Chic said...

Sorry about the 34 degrees F weather; does this usually happen?!
Looks like Bumpkins is going to be a quilter! Acknowledgment of the craft is the first step!