Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Excitement at our house...

Tuesday afternoon we smelled smoke outside....
20 minutes later this was what was at the end of our drive....
The fire trucks and other vehicles already went down the road.
This was flying over our house every 5 min.
(not sure why objects aren't closer in the photos).

This what appeared overhead when the choppers
needed fuel.

Bumpkins saw "balloons- two of them".
(smoke jumpers).

And what is important to us.
I was ready to go- just needed the word
and the box for the cat.
(black case contains laptop).
And the clothes are wrapped up in a quilt.

The fire burned about 10 acres.
And the location was across the road.

We didn't evacuate...
Bumpkins was really stressed out.
Our house finally is almost smoke free.

Hope your summer is less exciting than ours.


Lynn said...

OMG how frightening is this?!?! I'm so glad that you are safe and didn't have to leave.

Jane said...

Very scary! I'm so glad everyone is okay!