Monday, June 16, 2008

Sunday Quotes and Random Website

Anyone can be a father,
but it takes someone special to be a dad,
and that's why I call you dad,
because you are so special to me.
Wade Boggs

The cake Bumpkin's decorated for her Daddy.

Princess and Papa....

Knitting: finished knitting a credit card envelope key chain, just needs to be felted better. Front loader washing machines just don't felt properly.

Sewing: DH's quilt is on hold until I can figure out how to quilt it.

Weather has been extremely nice- today was around 60 F. Decided it was warm enough to go outside w/o jackets on. Sunday the wind was chilly, we ate bratwurst, baked beans, green beans and homemade soft pretzels out at the picnic table.

Random website: Another you tube video.....Where does your blanket come from?


Kazul said...

I miss daddy.

Lynn said...

Yes I think 60 would be warm coming from those cold temps you get!!!