Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday Sky and yard

Camera is out of state...
let's see what I can come with that is archived....
Athena is always good."But her needs to give me a hug!
'Cause I love her."

Knitting: Nothing new. Got a cool package in the mail from a keychain swap over in Ravelry. Will post pix as soon as I get the camera back. There is some wonderful Andy's Merino wool from Farmhouse yarns in an exquisite jade color. It just might be made into something soon....

Quilting: almost finished w/the rag quilt blocks. All have X's sewn, now to trim threads and sew into strips.

DH went to Crystal Lake, Illinois for a conference and Bumpkins' and I have been on our own for most of the week. Bumpkin's has spent much time out at DM's, Friday was so nice that she played outside for most of it.

The Eagle has finally vacated DM's property (aka Papa's car). When it was towed out, one of the front wheels stuck for quite some time. Another one of those "one man's trash is another man's treasure".

Bumpkins and I went to Kenai River Festival today. It started out nice, but then got windy and cold. We saw an owl w/one wing, an Eagle, and the activities were: painting a wooden fish, coloring the paper inside of a sippy cup, coloring a picture of a mountain sheep w/chalk, casting a fishing line. There was so much stuff- very well done this year. On our way out there was a hit and run. A lady on a bike was crossing a driveway when she was hit by a truck and knocked down. I observed her getting back up and thought that was kind of odd.. why is her shoe off? Ended up calling 911, a couple helped her across the street, a lady in a suburban gave a description of the truck, we got the city police there and the verdict is... truck got away, bike is messed up, but the lady is OK! Shaken up but ok.

Well that's about all. Hope to bring new pictures soon.


Lynn said...

Athena is a beauty! And I love the hugging picture of A & B!!!

Carola said...

Lovely cat! She reminds me of my Castor! Is she a Norwegian Forest Cat ... or a Maine Coon perhaps?