Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Quotes

"In all things of Nature
there is something of the marvelous".
Aristotle(there are actually 12 legs in that photo- DH lightened up a lot!
Mama moose w/twins nursing next to my greenhouse)

Knitting: nothing new. Did pull out my new homespun to start a shrug (but didn't swatch so wondering what to do next).

Sewing/ Quilting: ran out of green thread for Nigel's quilt. Ripped out lots on DH's quilt, now to sew the blocks together and cut out more!

Stayed home today, Bumpkins is really missing her Daddy. We have 3 different cats hanging out in our yard (a black and white, pure black and a Siamese- No Princess it isn't the one that got lost). It was nice and sunny (cold w/the wind) so Athena went outside too. Very entertaining to watch her stalk mice- both were lost to the garden. Then later I heard the squirrel going nuts outside, and then Bumpkins opened the door and let the cat in. I asked her if she let the cat out. Think her reply went along these lines.. "well kind of."

Well that's all folks- work tomorrow and then get this house in order as DH comes home late tomorrow night.

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