Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday Sky and yard

The sky in Ninilchik around 6 pm.
(Kazul recommended that I post evening pics).
Just one of my 6 rhubarb plants.
(needs to be separated)

Knitting: Picked up dropped stitch in Bumpkin's legging and now am just a few rows shy of finishing second leg. Just may finish it up this week.

Sewing: having trouble w/material selection for quilt square.

Thank you all for the prayers for DM she is doing better, still no word on when she will be allowed to leave.

Saturday was a busy day for us. Went to a Ravelry meetup, then the hospital (where Bumpkin's and I ran into Pastor Lucy. Pastor Lucy was just leaving but returned to the building to watch Bumpkin's while I visited DM. How awesome is that!) Returned home and went to a graduation party for one of the band members kids. While on the road DH informed me that after the party we would be going to Ninilchik for a recital for his music lesson kids. Oh yeah... Pentecostal church gathering.. I have no dress, Bumpkin's looks like a ragamuffin. Needless to say great fun was had. Both at the party (in the pouring rain) and at the recital. Got some shopping done for one of my swaps.

Weather: rainy and then sunny late in the day. (7 pm)


Lynn said...

glad to hear that DM is doing better. Pls keep us posted!

Kazul said...

Jake, of course Athena is a predator...Look who you named her after, the goddess of war. And with softball mitts for paws, you gotta do what God made you to do!