Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Quotes

"I feel fine and comfortable with myself,
but not because I'm beautiful."

by Monica Bellucci

(the above is one of the many quilts that
were featured at Quilting on the Kenai)

my crabapple tree is my weekly yard pic.

Knitting: cast on today for a baby sweater knit on 2 needles by Elizabeth Zimmermann. Hopefully this sweater can be part of a set that gets sent out to Iowa for a flood victim.

crocheting: am almost done w/my Fashion First Aid bag out of the Happy Hookers book. Have run out of red acrylic yarn and so it is hibernating until more red shows up.

Sewing: cut out a dress for Bumpkin's and hope to finish that this week. (again no pattern)

quilting: this Round Robin quilt thing is kicking my behind. Spent much of the morning trying/attempting to create a template. Realized that the template is on the net.... now just to retrieve it.

Saturday DM, Bumpkins and I went to a quilt show. It was ok.. not sure if I will go again, the people wanted to charge Bumpkin's full price for admission. you have got to be kidding! Some of the quilts were exquisite. A few grabbed my attention and those will be featured in the coming weeks.

Today Bumpkins assisted me in doing laundry (I wasn't aware of the help!), she took the towels that she put in the wash machine yesterday out and placed them in the dryer. Later I went to wash the towels- thinking they were still in the wash machine. Wasn't very pleased when I went to take clean dry clothes out of the dryer to discover them wet.. and towels? Next thought was well what was in the washing machine then.. come to find out that my machine was washed empty! Did you know that in a front loader washing machine, soap bubbles will remain after the cycles are done when the machine is run empty.

I declared war on the Cottonwood trees in my yard. The brush pile now is HUGE! And more will go this next week. DH really didn't notice where I took them from until I pointed it out. Sorry no before and after pix.

new recipe: baked rhubarb. Take 1 part chopped rhubarb, 1/3 that amount in sugar season w/spices and bake in greased pan at 400 degree oven for 40 min. Serve over waffles. delish. (so to 1 c rhubarb add 1/3 to 1/2 c sugar)

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Lynn said...

You'll have to remind her that she used to LOVE to do laundry when she gets older!! LOL

I love the Quilt Diva. Add some knitting needles in her hair and she'd be perfect!! LOL I'm looking forward to seeing the other quilts. And yes it is a bit odd that they wanted to charge you for Bumpkins. I've seen kids 10 and under for free.

I'm amazed that you can cut out a dress for Bumkins w/o a pattern. I SO cannot do that!!! And I hope you know that since you told me abt the quilting group on Ravelry I have now joined a block swap!!