Monday, June 9, 2008

Random Website Monday

A random photo of
Bumpkins after eating chocolate ice cream.
Knitting: nothing.
Quilting: didn't finish either of the quilts and DH comes home in 5.5 hrs.

I must get some sleep, but the house is slightly messy... Athena brought in a mouse earlier today and released it. It finally was trapped in the bathroom (interesting site, put Athena and the mouse in the bathtub and shut shower doors. Athena was scratching at the tub to get out and the mouse was right under her scratching.) Bumpkins and I released it into the yard... that critter booked it away from the house! Probably shortened his life span by a day or so. LOL
Cleaned out the girls bedroom, it is so much nicer now. Threw out a lot of stuff (empty plastic bags, a pair of worn out slippers, broken backpacks, toys). Had training today so was at work by 9 am and Bumpkins went to school. She got to see a police car and now has a police badge sticker.

Random website: Just the place to go to find out what kind of bug that really is. It is a pretty creepy site!

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