Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Strange Stuff Tuesday

The quilt square...
Thank you Kazul for helping w/the background.

Bumpkin's leggings..
And she will wear them.
Last night was a little cold and she put them on.

Knitting: nothing new.
Sewing: Have cut out almost 1/2 the blocks needed for my newest quilt. After cutting last night realized that 48 blocks weren't needed.. the whole quilt was 48", so that meant 64 blocks. Hopefully I have enough print material for the last 8 squares.

I go back to work tonight. Ugg. 5 pm to 10 pm, DM is watching Bumpkins as DH has to be at work at 10 pm.

That is about all folks, laundry, quilting and work.

Strange stuff: All pets need a home including your pet rock. And if you are having trouble finding a Pet rock this link might help. Very interesting if you read the whole article all the way through.


Kazul said...

Jake, that is very pretty. Very pretty. I am impressed!

Lynn said...

Oh nice quilt block and love Bumpkins leggings. I wasn't expecting them to look like pants, I was expecting more of a leg warmer look.

and while I never had a pet rock (my mother refused to pay money for a rock), I did have a pet spoon (Sammy) which inspired my best friend to have a pet fork (Freida). Ahh, the 70s....