Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday yard

The irises that are blooming this week.

Bumpkins riding on the white pony,
(see the blue sky)
Knitting: nothing new.
Sewing: received in the mail the new blocks for the Round Robin Quilt swap that I am doing.

Today was a busy day! We got up to hear the rain filling the bucket outside our window... thump, thump, thump. Finally the rain stopped around 10 ish, DH drove his car out to Summer Fun in The Midnight Sun. He was playing the music for the event, Bumpkins and I got out there around 12. The sun was shining, but there was a slight chill in the air. Come to find out that all booths had been moved inside the hockey rink. It was very noisy (lots of echoes), crowded but fun was had by all. Bumpkins did the fishing game and scoop the duck many times- there weren't any other games that she wanted to play. We rode a pony (Princess- Kara was helping out w/the horse rides). There was age appropriate activity time scheduled and Bumpkins ran faster than some of the 4 yr olds, we didn't win the bike :( Arrived home just before 6 pm tonight. A very long nap was had by many, dinner was made and DH seen out the door (he had another gig tonight).

There has been a bunny rabbit frequenting our front yard both this morning and again tonight.

Dinner: macaroni and cheese (DH didn't notice a difference- had to use powdered milk as we are out of regular milk) and chicken nuggets.

Weather: rain in the morning, sunny by afternoon temps mid 50's (don't think that it did get to 60)


Kazul said...

That is really rather cute. Almost as cute as when she talked to me about it! And you can tell her, yes, Auntie Krit say her on the horse!

Lynn said...

I noticed that blue sky even before you mentioned it! and how fun for bumpkins to be on a horse!!! We need to do that more often, but right now it's either raining or a sauna....

Fiber Chic said...

Bumpkins looks adorable on the horse!
...Mmm>>>Macaroni and Cheese sounds good right now!