Monday, June 2, 2008

Sunday Quotes and Random Website

Love the moment, and the energy of that moment
will spread beyond all boundaries.
Corita Kent

The carnage of Athena's bird...
And here is the poor soul.
(Just hope that it isn't the same bird that was released last week).
This was the second critter brought in w/in
2 days. Both didn't survive.
(the first was a mouse/shrew).

Knitting: finished Bumpkin's leggings finally!
Sewing: finished the quilt square, thank you Kazul for helping me figure out the background fabric. It turned out nice.

Geo caching: because everyone was asking. The first cache was hard to find (didn't know what I was looking for). The other 4 were micro caches and the first 2 were unable to find. One was broken and the last one was interesting. The places these are hidden is just amazing. DH assisted me in cleaning up the house and now my paper of coordinates is missing. And I have to log them into the geo cache website. We also only went to kid friendly sites.

And the blue sky at midnight, not sure why the camera turned the sky so blue when it was kind of cloudy. But no I didn't digitally lighten it up any that is just how the pic was taken.

Last week (Memorial Day) there was a forest fire just on the other side of the gravel pit from us (about a 1.5 mi) at the same time there was a fire out by DM's. All of them were man made starts- no thunderstorms here (and if the summer doesn't warm up we won't have any Thunderstorms!)

Random website: The top ten waterparks for 2007.. how come most of them are in Florida?

Weather: rainy cloudy and low 50's.

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Lynn said...

It's really sad how the top 3 are abt an hour away from me and I have yet to go to any of them!!!!