Friday, June 20, 2008

Solstice Sky

Solstice Sunset
(photo taken around 11:30 pm)
after this shot the sky really was beautiful.

This is what happens when a can of
Rock Star is left w/in a small child's grasp.
9:30 pm and she discovered...
that she could climb up the walls backwards!
Knitting: made a keychain key fob but it isn't being my friend. (not felting after 4 washes on hot). Crocheted another key fob will be posting pix and links later.

Sewing: nothing.

Not really working much either- swim lessons and I have been exhausted! Bumpkins got up at 6 am today and I wasn't a happy mama. Put her down w/DH for a nap around 11 am as I left to go to work. Bumpkin's has been having a blast in swim lessons and is telling everyone that she went off the diving board. She didn't want to go, but I took her out to the end of the board anyways. I put her down at the end and asked her if she wanted to jump to Miss..... (meanwhile I was prepared to lower her in) well she launched her little body right off of there! Belly flopped right next to her teacher. She was in life jacket too... but now when asked do you want to go off of the board, she will answer no it is to scary. Well good news is she isn't afraid of the "snakes" out there anymore. And thankfully I have a different class and can move myself to another part of the pool so I can't see what her class is doing.

Well better be getting to bed.. tomorrow is a long day! Summer fun in the Sun out at the pool. Just hope that the weather stays nice.

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Lynn said...

Do you ever get a full dark sky this time of year??