Saturday, February 2, 2008

6 more weeks of Winter!

As I was about to do this post, the sunset caught my eye. How pretty the pink tinged sky is. (5:15 pm at least the days are getting longer!)

This was the sky at 11:00. Nice and blue- the groundhog definitely saw his shadow.

The temperature this morning at 11:00 was -12. Yeppers... COLD! And we can expect these temps for another 2 1/2 weeks.

This is the hoarfrost on my honeysuckle bush.

And another meme:
Here's the deal:

1. Go to the current book you're reading.
2. Go to Page 161.
3. Copy down the 5th sentence.

It was a good offer; Stephen hoped they could get the job done today.

And since I am not that far into the book, haven't the foggiest idea about what is being talked about! The book's name is The Rescuer by Dee Henderson Book 6 of the O'Malley series. Dee Henderson is an author of Christian Thrillers.

Because people are interested in when all this snow will melt- there will be weekly yard pictures until all this white stuff is gone. What an excellent idea for a contest... Will be thinking of the rules for that one.

Another first this week was, Athena has hairballs really bad and has diarrhea. I know that's gross- but stay with me. Well she kind of missed the litter box and went on the entryway floor. So the putty knife was utilized to pry the frozen poop off of the cold plywood floor.

Stayed home today and found a missing box of 3T clothes for Bumpkins. Went through all of her dresser drawers and closet am now parting with a 1/2 full bag of 18 mos to 2T girls clothes. That is one large box gone and a small rubbermaid tote to be reassigned. Yeah! clutter busting! Last night, I found a shirt Bumpkin's got for Christmas and after washing haven't seen since.

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Lynn said...

Great sky pics! And I still can't get over the temps. We are expecting a high of 80 a few days this week and you are chisling frozen poop off the floor. Somehow I'm getting the better end in that deal!

And yeah on the decluttering of clothes. I've been slowly doing that as well, I just need to get it to leave my house before Baby Girl goes thru it and says they still fit her!