Monday, February 11, 2008

Random Website Monday

Not to young to start knitting! Bumpkin's drug these out by herself.
Knitting: finished one mitten of Bumpkin's and now must start the other. In the meantime my hat swap came through and I already finished something for that one. Started it at 2 am and finished it before 3 pm (that includes 5 hrs of sleep, laundry, dishes, vacuuming upstairs and down.)

My RAzr cell phone has just about bit the dust. I use that for an alarm clock. So when it was time for bed and the phone still wasn't charging, I stayed up until 4:30 am. DH came to bed about that time and asked why I was still up. My reply was "I was afraid to go to sleep and not wake Thing 2 up for school." So DH set a different alarm clock, we went to sleep and I woke up at 6:15! Thankfully Thing 2 got up on his own at 5:30, otherwise he would have been late for school.

Had training tonight, did timed extractions off bottom of the deep end. Time started as soon as the guard entered the water and stopped when the guard w/dummy on top of rescue tube touched the wall. My fastest time was 57 secs. In real life that would be a whole lot faster as adrenaline would be coursing through my body.

random website: As this is a new year, many people are contemplating their wardrobes and wondering what is missing. Here is the staples for every woman's wardrobe.

Weather: Snowy! and 15 degrees above 0. DH is going to have to snowblow tomorrow.


KaKi said...

That wardrobe list is really good! Suprisingly, I have most of those things. Except the sexy shoes. I hate high heels and strappy high heels!!!

Lynn said...

LOL Have you tried teacher her to knit? I've tried with Baby Girl but she's just not ready yet. I didn't learn until I was 9 and my mom knew I'd be able to handle the dexterity of it all.