Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Birthday

3 years ago today... Bumpkin's came into this world. Her dad and I left for the hospital just before 12:00 am and arrived there just after midnight. The nurses checked me and I was 3 cm. 2 hrs and 10 minutes later..... A baby girl is born. And what a joy she is.

So what to do for a party? Why the pool of course. (down side of having a party where you work is that I was called in to work and was unable to swim w/these good folks. But overtime is overtime and it was only for 45 min. So the rest of the day was family time).

And here is Bumpkin's w/her buddies.

And here we are eating cake. Ice cream cake from Fred Meyer's.
Lunch: PB and J sandwiches, apples/ oranges, chips and juice.

And her favorite gift of all is the Fisher Price Little People (the originals that have all been recalled due to being a choking hazard). She got the Playhouse, mini van and swimming pool.

Note: her birthday is today Sunday Feb 24, but we celebrated it on Saturday.


Frieda said...

Janet, is it sad that I recognize about 10 people in the picture of the whole pool? Gosh, I'm so glad I'm not there right now.
Hope your daughter had a Happy Birthday. Talk to you later.....I come home in about 11 days!! woohoo!!

Lynn said...

What a great party, but stinks that you had to work for part of it. BTW where are the pics of you and her together???

Dandy said...

Happy Birthday to your little munchkin!

Kazul said...

LOLOL, Daddy doesn't look too thrilled, but it sure looked like fun anyway...wish I could have been there. Well, kind of.