Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesdays strange stuff

What is this?
Knitting: Nothing, Sewing nothing.

Had a 9 hr shift at work today. Lots of swim lessons (semi privates, yikes...) and then got hair cut, supervised and taught water aerobics. Got home around 10 pm. I am so tired! Gotta' run as tomorrow is another long day.. a 10 hr shift (7 am until 5:15 pm).
This is a home video that I made on Saturday while at the pool.

Kazul asked where I got my random links... well they are just that. Stuff I surf across and consider worthy of the honor of being random.

Strange stuff: And for all the science geeks out there that want to pass their knowledge onto their kids... I bring you this really cool stuffed toy.


Kazul said...

OK, that is just too much. A DNA stuffed toy???? Personally, I like your brown urchin that you posted. It looks very seaworthy! Unless it is a nosewarmer.

Lynn said...

It's something made with Lionbrand Fun Fur..........