Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Strange Stuff Tuesday on Ash Wednesday

Sure Signs you are using your cell phone to much!
  1. You grab your portable telephone and try to scroll through to recently dialed calls.
  2. You grab your portable telephone and try to scroll through to recently received calls.
  3. After inputing a telephone number into your portable phone you look for the delete button to erase a digit.
  4. After entering the phone number into your portable phone you look for the send button.
  5. Your cell phone resides under your pillow at night (because the cold house temps drain the battery).
  6. When the alarm goes off on your cell phone to wake you up in the morning, your 3 yr old tells you that the phone is ringing.

I have been very busy lately- this week I am scheduled to work 33 hours. Tuesday was a 9 hr day and I had 13 people for Water Aerobics (5 of my regulars were missing). Nige liked my new music and new workout routine. Will try to implement anther new routine tomorrow. After getting home at 10 last night and getting Bumpkin's off to bed, it was time for me to go to sleep also. This morning at 5:30, my day really got started as I had to be at work at 7 am.

We are having some very COLD ARCTIC weather up here. This morning when I left the house it was -22, by the time I got to the radio station 4 miles away it was -24, 2 miles further just before going over the bridge it was -30! (yes this is killing cold.) I got to work 25 miles away and the temp was a balmy 11 degrees above 0. A good friend of mine said that she looked at her thermometer at 10 am on Tuesday and it was -38. This arctic blast is supposed to last through Friday. A lady at church tonight commented on the fact that I was wearing shoes, not my regular sandals. Gotta' go for the warmth. Thankfully Tuesday, I did wear tennis shoes to work and hand carried my teva's because that night I was asked to hose (that is where the locker rooms have a garden hose taken to the floors to rinse them down- extremely efficient). My feet, socks, and teva's got soaked! I was able to put dry shoes on but with wet socks- not very keen on that idea as the temp was -15 and frostbite is scary. But I made it home safely- tomorrow I will put an extra pair of socks into my bag.

Strange stuff: And because of these cold temps, I thought that these would be handy. We have earwarmers (head bands that cover the ears) hand warmers, and those little heat packs for foot warmers.... well how about a NOSE warmer?


KaKi said...

I cannot believe it is that cold!! Wow!! We actually had a warm front here. I missed it since I was sick, but it was 76 in Feburary!!

the boogeyman's wife said...

yeah, this cold front is great. we've had the -40s the last few days, with wonderful exhaust fog. too bad we can't just stay home and hibernate till it blows over.

i have noticed that lots of cordless phones resemble cell phones more and more cuz we use them more.

Lynn said...

This is just wrong......