Monday, February 4, 2008

Random Website Monday

Went shopping tonight for more yarn (had to catch the sale at Jo-Anns) that is where the Classic Merino got picked up and while there discovered that Christmas Stuff was marked down 90%! So I bought 2 more items. Still walked out of there having only spent $13.00 ($8.00 on wool). Close match up!

Also went to Fred Meyer's to pick up the yarn to make the other mitten for Bumpkin's (guess what another sale! Buy 2 get 1 free so $9.00 later). Got extra because Kazul really likes this color as does the Pastor's wife. So here they are w/the almost finished mitten, matches pretty close doesn't it?

Knitting: Frogged back the thumb on Bumpkin's mitten (maybe tonight I will finish the mitten, she really needs them!). Knitted 2 rows on DH's scarf (that won't be getting done tonight! Only have 19" done and it needs to be 60").

Next week more shopping at Jo-Anns flannel is going on sale $2.00 a yard! Just what I need for the Christmas quilts.

Finished another book: The Rescuer by Dee Henderson the 7th of the O'Malley series. Now to find another long series to read.

Random Website: And everyone is telling me how brave I am in posting measurements. This lady is braver than I. Caution: do not open link while eating/drinking/spouses sleeping or if you have teens around do not let them see this (It will possibly scar them for life!) Found this while looking for Aerobic music. Lady and Aerobics.

Weather Clear sunny skies and COLD! -24 again tonight.


Fiber Chic said...

LOVE the Jiffy yarn and the subtle varigations in color!

KaKi said...

Oh dear goodness. That link... there are no words......... I do think I have been scarred for life.