Monday, February 18, 2008

Random Website Monday

Easter skirts!
And finally the circle skirts that were cut out last week. Very easy- when you go "DUH!".

A close up of the decorative edging stitches. Sew edging 1/2 from edge and then trim closely.

And matching jackets/cardigan style out of this fuzzy purple stuff. yardage 1 1/2 yds. at 60 wide. That should be plenty for a doll baby and a 3T.

And now for the monthly What am I going to do w/this material:
I give you 45" wide and 4 yards of cotton blueish background w/pinkish sea flowers.
When I asked DH what he thought about when he looked at it. He replied "Drapes". The colors do nothing for anybody in this house.

Knitting: Went to Knitting group tonight and I am so in love w/a Cherry Tree yarn. 24.95 bulky colorway winterberry. It stayed at the shop.

And I am planning a birthday party for Saturday: Bumpkin's is going to be 3, Princess had lots of cool birthday parties so what's a mom to do?
I am guess
a: I am getting old.. because I'm not into planning an elaborate affair.
b: Just not into this kind of thing anymore.
What to do... Bumpkin's 2 friends that are invited are both boys. Last year was the swimming pool.
Menu: Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruit/veggies, chips, ice cream cake.
Theme: Big trucks/ Bob the Builder
Items needed: Balloons, party favors: yellow construction hats,, tonka type trucks,

Random Website:
Check out these party ideas: Renting a petting zoo, Renting a beauty salon, touring a fire station. These party ideas are for children 7 and under! I think that simple is better. (The tour of the fire station isn't to bad, it is better than under the big top where an actual circus was rented!)


Andreanalaska said...

And at 15 you stopped celebrating by brithady.
15- You got married
16- You had a 4 day old baby
17- I really don't remember, 4 days after a 1yr old birthday
18- I had already moved out. I had cheddibraughts made on a foremen grill.
19- TBA, probably less exciting than 18.

Lynn said...

Shhhh, don't tell baby girl abt the beauty salon rental.....