Saturday, February 9, 2008

Saturday Surprises

And here is today Sky picture. Yes there are clouds finally- that means the Siberian Blast is gone. (Sad to say folks, but the front is going to move across the Western Continent - Canada and the Northern States- and give you guys some cold air and more WINTER).

Went to take Bumpkin's outside to play as the temps have finally warmed up. And this is what I saw running down the drive. (Actually there are 2 of them only got one in the pic.)

A close up of what was running down the driveway. (Got another closeup, but it was extremely blurry. Difficult to stick arm out of door and push camera button when moose is running past about 5 ft. away).

This guy decided to sample the honeysuckle bush on his way to join his buddies in the backyard.

This picture was taken just before the 3rd moose decided to go into the backyard. Much more snow and the fences won't stop them at all! (Even though there is barb wire across the top and the fences are about 6 ft. high).

Last week was a little busy at work. There was a training for most of the Senior Staff at work, I was unable to attend. So that meant poor old me was made Supervisor for 7 hrs. Water Aerobics dropped down to 8 people (that is so sad- must have worked people way to hard.)
Took Bumpkin's swimming on Friday, she did so much better! I got to swim 5 laps (very hard to do Breaststroke and push a floatie ahead of you on each stroke). Had a co-worker give me an interesting compliment last night. She asked if I was losing weight. I said "trying". Her reply was "I look good and appear to have lost weight". This is 2 days after I consumed 4 doughnuts in one day.

ETA: Lynn asked what does *warmed* up mean? Well I won't take Bumpkins out in anything under 10 degrees above 0 F. And today it was almost 10- didn't check after seeing the moose in the yard though.


Lynn said...

Ok you gotta tell me, what does *warmed up* mean???

Frieda said...

Janet, I really don't want to hear anything about being "cold". Thats just not funny! Check out my pictures on Myspace under "Fairbanks." Good luck at the pool. heard Cody quit, thats too bad. Is Mikey back? Later...