Sunday, February 17, 2008

W is for....

W is for: Winter Storm! Finally we got some snow. Thursday night Nikiski got dumped on (we didn't here at home). And now Saturday this is what I woke up to. Nice day to just sit inside and knit.

W is for: What a snowdrift outside our front door!

W is for wild Work week: It is going to be a wild week at work next week. Probably won't be blogging very much. Tuesday's schedule 12:00 - 9:00, Wednesday- Friday 7 am to 5 pm. 40 hours!

Knitting: Finished up another hat thingie for the hat swap. I won't be sending one of them so Kazul has another Christmas gift stashed. And am knitting the other mitten for Bumpkin's. Think that I am knitting to tight again- my fingers are going numb and dropping the needles. After this mitten I will be switching back to my US 10's for awhile to alleviate the cramps.

Bumpkin's has the flu. Yesterday was spent dealing with that. Daycare child syndrome - Go find adult to inform them you are about to be sick instead of running for the toilet. Buckets are our friends. She did much better swimming on Friday, me not so. I spent 4 hours in the pool water on Friday.

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Jane said...

The snow looks pretty! It's gloomy here - raining - washing all the snow away once more. But not to fear - it will be back again!