Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wednesday- 1/2 way through the week

What a Wednesday, DH came home from work sick. Bumpkins still sick too. We went to the dump. Yippeee? If I get this job- we will get trash p/u again. That will be very good indeed. TRASH is VERY SMELLY. No library today. Bumpkins wouldn't take her nap for anything. It took me 2 hrs. to put her down. Tonight was hard too. We didn't go to church- because of all the sickness. Leftovers (taco's) for dinner.
Thing one has a job. yeah!!!!!! Making deliveries. not good. Princess is having a difficult time ( she'll say it is all me)
Rough day at work- oh why do I want to go back?

As for the knitting- I finished all rows upto another drop on the peach shawl. That is on hold until I can splurge for some dpns. So I just might find my stitch holder and throw the blue scarf on it. Maybe not- tomorrow is mending day. I sure would like to get started on Bumpkins finger puppets. Her bday is at the end of the month. Not sure what to do for Princess. Have to order Kazul's gift, her bday is tomorrow.
Why does it feel like April when it is January? Temp in the 30's and sunny.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

perseverance pays off

I am so proud of myself- I persevered and finished the drop row on the peach shawl. On my next drop row I will put a dpn down and wrap around both. That is all the knitting i did today. Boring
DH stayed home again. Bumpkins got up at 345 this am. I fed her cream of wheat w/prunes and apples. She liked it. I could feel the cold in my nose and back of throat, then a tightness in my chest. I went to work anyways. Bumpkins sleep is all screwed up.
No laundry or any other chores today- no energy.
Made tacos for dinner they were so good- I am still hungry. Think I will go in search of food. and shut down the house.
I may even knit on my new idea- as I am so very bored w/everything else.
Warm melty messy- have to clean headlights.

Monday, January 29, 2007

wild animals vs. our dog

Our poor dog, she had a really bad day with the Alaskan wildlife- and she was in her own yard for a change. First an eagle( a really BIG eagle) came swooping down, legs extended backwinging, over her. The eagle was so close to her and man was it big!! I couldn't tell if it was immature or not, but I saw the individual wing feathers. That was so cool. Sure got the dogs hackles up though- then dog went after the eagle. I have never seen anything like it before. Our dog isn't small- she is about 60 lbs. and pit/lab mix. Then the moose came to eat, she (dog) worried that poor creature also. She came inside and was stiff for a little while- bet she got kicked again. No wonder she likes it inside- only Bumpkins and Athena to terrorize her in here.
Yesterday I saw a coyote crossing the river flats- way cool.
Knitted some more on the peach shawl- will be so glad when this row is done. I stayed up until 1 working on it and only got 1/2 way through a row. Found some cute hat patterns, might try one w/chenille then w/ the leftovers make a muff. That would work.
DH stayed home sick today, Bumpkins has a cold also. Thing one made his initials in welding- looks pretty good.
Did a little of the HB today- do way more tomorrow.
Dinner was pork chops in a bag(don't do again) also get Kirkland lasagna instead of Stouffers.
Weather was warm but again no skiing or sledding. 40's

Sunday, January 28, 2007

a day of remembering

Well my dad has been gone a year today. Went to church, of course we were late. Bumpkins shouted Nana- in the middle of prayer requests. When we got home some one was flying model airplanes in the gravel pit. It was so cool- my dad flew model planes.
Onto knitting, I still haven't finished that dropped row on the peach shawl nor done anymore work on the plastic bag bag. But I did do almost a complete set on the blue scarf. Found a green hat knal for the month of Feb. I should join as I have the green chenille for a hat and the variegated green wool blend that is saying ski hat.
Going back to yesterday, the midwife said good job for losing 40 lbs. in 2 yrs. I like my scale better- mine said 110 instead of 120. Go figure the Dr's is always heavier.
I did so much laundry today- 7.5 loads. Bumpkins tells me no laundry- when she wants loving and I have to delay her because I have to do laundry.
Found so many cool websites today not sure how that one worked. Have to figure what hot linking means.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

yeah this week is over.

I am so very glad that this week has finally come to an end. Today I did a little bit knitting on the prayer shawl. Still have a lot more to go.
I will be so happy when wal-mart comes, I am so very tired of not having choices. The bed rail for Bumpkins I do not like, but it is the only one that Fred had. Sure I could have ordered one but the shipping would have been very high.
Had a yearly physical, bad news is I have to go back in 6 mos. Hope all is better by then.
Made chocolate strawberry shortcake, very good, mustn't forget to bookmark that page.
Today weather warm, but didn't go skiing or sledding.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Another Monday- when it's Friday

Good Grief, I quit life. (seriously, I wish I could just cave up). Knitting today was good, got some very good feedback from knitters Forum. So I knit on the peach prayer shawl. I was able to run an 8 through the last row knitted and p/u my stitches from there. I am now wrapping them- but going much looser. It is very hard to knit when Bumpkins is up. I also found out at the library that starting in Feb. there will be a knitting gathering. I am very excited about that- maybe I will be able to learn to read a chart. I seem to do very well w/written out instructions.
Bumpkins fell out of bed last night- so I slept on the floor next to her. The floor is concrete cold and I am way to old to do that anymore. Today I bought her a bed rail- DH needs to finish putting it together. I put a screw in sideways- hope he can fix that.
Cell phones and tiolets do not go together, had to fish my razr out of one today. Note to self do not answer phone while holding Bumpkins on toilet. It seems to be ok- cooked it on 150 in the toaster oven for 6 hrs. I was stressing big time. No wonder Bumpkins had a rough night also.
Thing one and Two are out for the weekend-thank God. Life would have been bad for everyone tonight.
Now why can't I add to my template or even add an html address into this blog. Things I shall work on.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

yeah! end of the work week

I am so happy!!!! Today was Thursday end of the work week for me and payday..... a whoe 24.94 dollar payday. That was what DH spent to fix the snowblower. Easy come and easy go. Actually that is what I spent last week on yarn and needles. Hmmm... I so want to start using that yarn. But think I need instant gratification first. Tomorrow goal is to finish the bloody calamari bag only one handle left togo. Today I did almost a complete set (4 more rows) on the blue scarf. If I do a set a day then that will go very fast. Need to run an 8 needle through the other scarf. That maybe how to fix it. I think my instant gratification will be to make me a hat to go skiing. I so need it. Bumpkins needs mittens to.
I did mending today- yeah me. Bumpkins had a turtleneck onesie that the snaps were ripping out of on the bottom. I made it into a pullover shirt and she wore it to daycare. I am so proud of myself. I did a goal. Wiped down boys bathroom this am too. Did dishes b4 work. I am trying.
tomorrow laundry and errands.
Today blustery snowy temp teens. Icy roads- still made it out north in 30 min. that was surprising.
I am so hungry- working out is making hungry, and I am eating the right foods as well. Hopefully i will build up muscle and not really gain.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Good Grief, and it's not a Monday

What a day, It all started last night after I was done blogging. I picked up my knitting intent upon finishing a row. Well after I finished the row- I tried to loosen the stitches and unbunch them. When pop, I broke a cn. I have to frog the whole blooming thing. Maybe not- I will see but not today. I am so depressed about it. And this is a prayer shawl and the lady does need prayers. I have found that when I am knitting I am able to focus on my prayer partners better and pray that way.
Princess started a blog, Thing one woke Bumpkins up after she slept for 45 min. not enough of a nap. Bumpkins had a rough day- at daycare than church. Now that she is overtired she won't sleep very well. Thing one is grounded we came home from church and the front door was open, dawg was loose, food left out on the counter and lights on. The temp is just above 0- thank God that Athena didn't go out. We would have a cat sick w/pneumonia. She is only an inside cat. Her immune system can't handle being outside, except on warm summer days.
One more day of work- than I am off. I can concentrate on cleaning this house laundry, and knitting. I am so tired in the am now. I am so out of shape, teaching lessons for 2 hrs in the water is tiring. Well better call it quits for tonight and get stuff out of the car. no knitting tonight.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

So much to do and so little time

Oh what to do. I have started work and will be adding more hrs. just in time unemployment ran out this week. But where does that leave me with my knitting? When will I ever find time to do these projects? I have 3 sets done on the dk blue scarf and am finally starting a drop row to the peach shawl. I think I will challenge myself to finish up that bloody bag. I am looking for travel projects- think I may have found 2. One is a tea cozy perfect for a christmas project. And the other one is a denim bag for my knitting. Think I will start the denim bag as that one I can use for the others. The shawl and scarf are not portable. Kazul thinks it is strange that people put pix of yarn on their blogs. Oh what does she know. She will put costumes on hers. What is the dif?
Athena is on a rampage tonight, she is knocking stuff over left and right. For a cat she is very clumsy.
Bumpkins is allergic to other stuff now not just red dye. does tumeric have red dye in it? What about Ragu? And what else can cause a red dye reaction? Thank God I have her medication in a travel size now.
We have snow- have to snow blow but the blower is broke. Bummer, temp in the teens.
Gotta go knit and then Sleep.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

new yarn and new ideas

What a day! The other night when I was knitting the peach prayer shawl, I dropped 3 stitches and then I stopped. And have been on hold with that project since Thursday night. Today after DH took the van for 3 hrs. to do a trash run I went to Birch Tree Gallery. Oh what fun. The lady there fixed my mistake and showed me what I did, she also showed me how to knit in the round. Now I need double points. I bought myself 10.5 cn and 4 balls of this beautiful fushia yarn from turkey. I need to use 8's on the new stuff. I am so excited. I have 2 sets done on my prayer shawl dk blue. That is slow going. The lady at Birch tree also said that my peaches and creme stuff can be used for a sweater for Bumpkins. I am not limited to wash cloths.

Today i moved Bumpkins bed- she is officially out of ours. Yeah!!!!! We will see how she does tonight. I dont like how the room is arranged now.

Hmmm.... I didn't do a mending job this week. I need to post daily goals. I need to make daily goals. that is where I shall start.
DH bday was yesterday 41, but we celebrated 40. Took him to lunch at the country corner great place.
temp was in the 20's but wind blowing.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

many accomplishments

Wow, what a day. Many things done. Yee haw.
For starters I decluttered the changing table- we can use it now. Haven't been able to for a couple of months. And now Bumpkins is out of diapers- we don't need it. Oh well it will be great to use for lotioning her up after bath.
I am almost done w/ the slopers christmas gift from last year. One more handle maybe- it might work with just one though. Maybe I will sew this one on and see if she wants another put on. I found an easy pattern for shower squishies. Have to find some nylon tulle. I don't need any yarn- I have lots of other fibers to use. Not sure what to use denim strips for though. want to make a braided rug but can't figure out how to start.
Started work that was fun. Bumpkins loved daycare. and Princess got a scholarship for this semester. She is sitting good with the money situation now. The power of prayer. Wow that prayer request was almost a month ago.
Well time to shut down the house for the night and start KNITTING!!!! I may have to send my sis some needles for her bday. So she can learn too. She needs to knit- very thearpeutic. Princess should learn also.

Monday, January 15, 2007

You are not behind- just jump in

Wow- I feel so much better on this Martin Luther King day. DH stayed home and there was no school. I did 7 loads of laundry today- so much more to do tomorrow. i have to put away 3 before doing anymore though. I also swish and swiped both bathrooms. I have to stop this flu bug in its tracks- I think Thing 2 has it now, bummer.
Bumpkins had a rough night last night- she woke up every half hour saying owie. Not sure what owied though.
It was 10 below this am and is cold again now, I can feel the cold coming in from the walls.
I missed the big sale at Joanne's so no Christmas fabric and no new yarn. I did work on the prayer shawl one row. And also worked on Sloper's calamari bag- I rip out every 3rd row as I cant' remember if I'm supposed to knit or purl.
Well the boys wont be on tonight either,

Sunday, January 14, 2007

A new week

Another day, I am so sick still. I have to get better as the laundry that I am doing is piling up. i am doing a load a day- but not folding or putting away. Today I ate 2 peices of toast, a little bit of dinner and 2/3 a banana. I just now ate sme toop ramen- hope this all sets ok w/me. I have a massive headache due to being on the comp alot lately. And I still have a pain in my neck. I did clean a little bit today.
Ok enough whinning- tomorrow is another day and a day to bless my family.
I really would like to work on my row of the shawl tonight- it goes really fast when I work on it.
Bumpkins says can't have red dye- so cute but sad. That knowledge may save her life, just hope that she does outgrow the allergy/reaction.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

New Beginnings

Hmmm.. A new beginning. Well an old dawg can be taught new things. This blog thing has a ways to go before I give it a passing mark. We will see if Princess was right in which blog site is the best. I am so sick with the flu bug- cleaned the bathroom today and did a load of laundry. Wow FlY Lady works.This laptop makes a wonderful heating pad. Just wish the pain in my neck would subside.
Today worked a row on a sarah blanch shawl- am using old peach wool on 10 200 st. from the book folk shawls. Oh why can't follow directions? The pattern says to use 7 cn and co 240 st. Oh well we shall see what happens.
DH bought himself a new guitar and xbox game for his bday, what does that leave for others to get him? bugger it.
All this new beginning stuff because I joined a kal- a holiday headstart.