Sunday, January 28, 2007

a day of remembering

Well my dad has been gone a year today. Went to church, of course we were late. Bumpkins shouted Nana- in the middle of prayer requests. When we got home some one was flying model airplanes in the gravel pit. It was so cool- my dad flew model planes.
Onto knitting, I still haven't finished that dropped row on the peach shawl nor done anymore work on the plastic bag bag. But I did do almost a complete set on the blue scarf. Found a green hat knal for the month of Feb. I should join as I have the green chenille for a hat and the variegated green wool blend that is saying ski hat.
Going back to yesterday, the midwife said good job for losing 40 lbs. in 2 yrs. I like my scale better- mine said 110 instead of 120. Go figure the Dr's is always heavier.
I did so much laundry today- 7.5 loads. Bumpkins tells me no laundry- when she wants loving and I have to delay her because I have to do laundry.
Found so many cool websites today not sure how that one worked. Have to figure what hot linking means.

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