Thursday, January 25, 2007

yeah! end of the work week

I am so happy!!!! Today was Thursday end of the work week for me and payday..... a whoe 24.94 dollar payday. That was what DH spent to fix the snowblower. Easy come and easy go. Actually that is what I spent last week on yarn and needles. Hmmm... I so want to start using that yarn. But think I need instant gratification first. Tomorrow goal is to finish the bloody calamari bag only one handle left togo. Today I did almost a complete set (4 more rows) on the blue scarf. If I do a set a day then that will go very fast. Need to run an 8 needle through the other scarf. That maybe how to fix it. I think my instant gratification will be to make me a hat to go skiing. I so need it. Bumpkins needs mittens to.
I did mending today- yeah me. Bumpkins had a turtleneck onesie that the snaps were ripping out of on the bottom. I made it into a pullover shirt and she wore it to daycare. I am so proud of myself. I did a goal. Wiped down boys bathroom this am too. Did dishes b4 work. I am trying.
tomorrow laundry and errands.
Today blustery snowy temp teens. Icy roads- still made it out north in 30 min. that was surprising.
I am so hungry- working out is making hungry, and I am eating the right foods as well. Hopefully i will build up muscle and not really gain.

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