Tuesday, January 23, 2007

So much to do and so little time

Oh what to do. I have started work and will be adding more hrs. just in time unemployment ran out this week. But where does that leave me with my knitting? When will I ever find time to do these projects? I have 3 sets done on the dk blue scarf and am finally starting a drop row to the peach shawl. I think I will challenge myself to finish up that bloody bag. I am looking for travel projects- think I may have found 2. One is a tea cozy perfect for a christmas project. And the other one is a denim bag for my knitting. Think I will start the denim bag as that one I can use for the others. The shawl and scarf are not portable. Kazul thinks it is strange that people put pix of yarn on their blogs. Oh what does she know. She will put costumes on hers. What is the dif?
Athena is on a rampage tonight, she is knocking stuff over left and right. For a cat she is very clumsy.
Bumpkins is allergic to other stuff now not just red dye. does tumeric have red dye in it? What about Ragu? And what else can cause a red dye reaction? Thank God I have her medication in a travel size now.
We have snow- have to snow blow but the blower is broke. Bummer, temp in the teens.
Gotta go knit and then Sleep.


Andreanalaska said...

Hey mum, i have a blog now that u can look at. so not kewl calling me this morning, i dont want hobo gloves, only smokers like those. ttyl

Kazul said...

I might put costumes on the page...who knows what will get posted! So, there. :o)