Monday, January 15, 2007

You are not behind- just jump in

Wow- I feel so much better on this Martin Luther King day. DH stayed home and there was no school. I did 7 loads of laundry today- so much more to do tomorrow. i have to put away 3 before doing anymore though. I also swish and swiped both bathrooms. I have to stop this flu bug in its tracks- I think Thing 2 has it now, bummer.
Bumpkins had a rough night last night- she woke up every half hour saying owie. Not sure what owied though.
It was 10 below this am and is cold again now, I can feel the cold coming in from the walls.
I missed the big sale at Joanne's so no Christmas fabric and no new yarn. I did work on the prayer shawl one row. And also worked on Sloper's calamari bag- I rip out every 3rd row as I cant' remember if I'm supposed to knit or purl.
Well the boys wont be on tonight either,

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