Tuesday, January 30, 2007

perseverance pays off

I am so proud of myself- I persevered and finished the drop row on the peach shawl. On my next drop row I will put a dpn down and wrap around both. That is all the knitting i did today. Boring
DH stayed home again. Bumpkins got up at 345 this am. I fed her cream of wheat w/prunes and apples. She liked it. I could feel the cold in my nose and back of throat, then a tightness in my chest. I went to work anyways. Bumpkins sleep is all screwed up.
No laundry or any other chores today- no energy.
Made tacos for dinner they were so good- I am still hungry. Think I will go in search of food. and shut down the house.
I may even knit on my new idea- as I am so very bored w/everything else.
Warm melty messy- have to clean headlights.

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