Sunday, January 14, 2007

A new week

Another day, I am so sick still. I have to get better as the laundry that I am doing is piling up. i am doing a load a day- but not folding or putting away. Today I ate 2 peices of toast, a little bit of dinner and 2/3 a banana. I just now ate sme toop ramen- hope this all sets ok w/me. I have a massive headache due to being on the comp alot lately. And I still have a pain in my neck. I did clean a little bit today.
Ok enough whinning- tomorrow is another day and a day to bless my family.
I really would like to work on my row of the shawl tonight- it goes really fast when I work on it.
Bumpkins says can't have red dye- so cute but sad. That knowledge may save her life, just hope that she does outgrow the allergy/reaction.

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