Friday, January 26, 2007

Another Monday- when it's Friday

Good Grief, I quit life. (seriously, I wish I could just cave up). Knitting today was good, got some very good feedback from knitters Forum. So I knit on the peach prayer shawl. I was able to run an 8 through the last row knitted and p/u my stitches from there. I am now wrapping them- but going much looser. It is very hard to knit when Bumpkins is up. I also found out at the library that starting in Feb. there will be a knitting gathering. I am very excited about that- maybe I will be able to learn to read a chart. I seem to do very well w/written out instructions.
Bumpkins fell out of bed last night- so I slept on the floor next to her. The floor is concrete cold and I am way to old to do that anymore. Today I bought her a bed rail- DH needs to finish putting it together. I put a screw in sideways- hope he can fix that.
Cell phones and tiolets do not go together, had to fish my razr out of one today. Note to self do not answer phone while holding Bumpkins on toilet. It seems to be ok- cooked it on 150 in the toaster oven for 6 hrs. I was stressing big time. No wonder Bumpkins had a rough night also.
Thing one and Two are out for the weekend-thank God. Life would have been bad for everyone tonight.
Now why can't I add to my template or even add an html address into this blog. Things I shall work on.

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