Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Good Grief, and it's not a Monday

What a day, It all started last night after I was done blogging. I picked up my knitting intent upon finishing a row. Well after I finished the row- I tried to loosen the stitches and unbunch them. When pop, I broke a cn. I have to frog the whole blooming thing. Maybe not- I will see but not today. I am so depressed about it. And this is a prayer shawl and the lady does need prayers. I have found that when I am knitting I am able to focus on my prayer partners better and pray that way.
Princess started a blog, Thing one woke Bumpkins up after she slept for 45 min. not enough of a nap. Bumpkins had a rough day- at daycare than church. Now that she is overtired she won't sleep very well. Thing one is grounded we came home from church and the front door was open, dawg was loose, food left out on the counter and lights on. The temp is just above 0- thank God that Athena didn't go out. We would have a cat sick w/pneumonia. She is only an inside cat. Her immune system can't handle being outside, except on warm summer days.
One more day of work- than I am off. I can concentrate on cleaning this house laundry, and knitting. I am so tired in the am now. I am so out of shape, teaching lessons for 2 hrs in the water is tiring. Well better call it quits for tonight and get stuff out of the car. no knitting tonight.

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