Saturday, January 20, 2007

new yarn and new ideas

What a day! The other night when I was knitting the peach prayer shawl, I dropped 3 stitches and then I stopped. And have been on hold with that project since Thursday night. Today after DH took the van for 3 hrs. to do a trash run I went to Birch Tree Gallery. Oh what fun. The lady there fixed my mistake and showed me what I did, she also showed me how to knit in the round. Now I need double points. I bought myself 10.5 cn and 4 balls of this beautiful fushia yarn from turkey. I need to use 8's on the new stuff. I am so excited. I have 2 sets done on my prayer shawl dk blue. That is slow going. The lady at Birch tree also said that my peaches and creme stuff can be used for a sweater for Bumpkins. I am not limited to wash cloths.

Today i moved Bumpkins bed- she is officially out of ours. Yeah!!!!! We will see how she does tonight. I dont like how the room is arranged now.

Hmmm.... I didn't do a mending job this week. I need to post daily goals. I need to make daily goals. that is where I shall start.
DH bday was yesterday 41, but we celebrated 40. Took him to lunch at the country corner great place.
temp was in the 20's but wind blowing.

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