Monday, January 29, 2007

wild animals vs. our dog

Our poor dog, she had a really bad day with the Alaskan wildlife- and she was in her own yard for a change. First an eagle( a really BIG eagle) came swooping down, legs extended backwinging, over her. The eagle was so close to her and man was it big!! I couldn't tell if it was immature or not, but I saw the individual wing feathers. That was so cool. Sure got the dogs hackles up though- then dog went after the eagle. I have never seen anything like it before. Our dog isn't small- she is about 60 lbs. and pit/lab mix. Then the moose came to eat, she (dog) worried that poor creature also. She came inside and was stiff for a little while- bet she got kicked again. No wonder she likes it inside- only Bumpkins and Athena to terrorize her in here.
Yesterday I saw a coyote crossing the river flats- way cool.
Knitted some more on the peach shawl- will be so glad when this row is done. I stayed up until 1 working on it and only got 1/2 way through a row. Found some cute hat patterns, might try one w/chenille then w/ the leftovers make a muff. That would work.
DH stayed home sick today, Bumpkins has a cold also. Thing one made his initials in welding- looks pretty good.
Did a little of the HB today- do way more tomorrow.
Dinner was pork chops in a bag(don't do again) also get Kirkland lasagna instead of Stouffers.
Weather was warm but again no skiing or sledding. 40's

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Kazul said...

I think the most amazing wildlife thing I have seen here..ok, the bobcat that Tony helped catch was pretty cool as is listening to the coyote at night..but, it was by far the funniest thing! There was a herd of elk in a farmer's cow field, about 25-30 head, and a COW was chasing them! Udder swinging and hooves pounding, she was one ticked off moo cow!