Monday, July 28, 2008

Random Website Monday

bumpkins stirring our latest
batch of "eyebrowns".

Another quilt from the quilt show..
a friend made up this pattern.
(If you do a close up, you can see
a bear, fish, cabin)
Knitting: am going to finish up the foot part of the sock tonight.

Today was a busy day... first got up and made phone calls so Thing 2 could get a physical for football. While making those arrangements got another phone call from work saying that there was training today. Didn't make it to that. Honestly didn't think that there was training because we had it last week. Got Thing 2 to practice went grocery shopping and the library (still no Kool Aid swap package). Came home and lounged. Made pizza for dinner. DH picked up Thing 2 from practice and went to DMV for a drivers permit renewal. Now the only things still up in the air is waiting for a phone call from Red Cross and to determine where to take my car to for a new windshield. And waiting to see what happens w/DH's new band. So how was your Monday?

Think a trip outside is in store for all of us.

Weather turned nice and sunny.

Random website: It is absolutely cute pictures of animals. (appropriately called Cute Overload!)


Jane said...

What are eyebrowns???

Sounds like a very busy day!

the boogeyman's wife said...

i worked half a day gathering gear to go up past point hope, went home to do laundry (since i got back from the field mid-saturday) so i could pack for the trip, and did other catch up things (like paying bills), only to get called around 4.30 because the project was cancelled. yeah. at least the laundry's done now.

Kazul said...

Well, at least she likes chocolate!!! Although, I was told that small children should stay away from chocolate because it might inhibit some growth hormone. Glad I gave some to the boys!!!

KaKi said...

Hey! You sound busy and have some interesting things brewing. I have not read any of my blogs for a while now. I am in catching up mode. I've missed ya!

Carola said...

That is one pretty quilt! Wow. I love the little details you made me open the pic to look at! :)