Sunday, July 6, 2008

Saturday Sky and Sunday Quote

"Eagles don't flock,
you find them one at a time."
H. Ross Perot
(if you click on the above pic.
you will see lots of seagulls flocking..)

And now my wonderful smelling
Alaskan Wild Roses.

Knitting: Cast on and started another swamp witch scarf. But have frogged it yet again. Cast on and frogged a top to a dress for Bumpkin's. Note: chenille and fun fur don't frog nicely!

Sewing: nothing new lately.

Quilting: did some sewing and cutting. Realized that the cutting was done w/o allowing for seam allowances. Arg!

Just had some low key laid back days this weekend. Nothing much really accomplished.

Couldn't play outside in the yard for much of the day on Saturday. There was a Mama moose hanging out w/her little calf. Bumpkins and I did go out for about an hour, until I heard a "whoosh" in the woods. Mama exhaled air! I scrambled to get Bumpkins inside. Athena brought in and released another mouse into the house. (this one didn't leave the dining room). After DH got the mouse and tossed it up on top of the carport, Athena decided to catch, kill and start to consume a bee. I put a container over the bee before she actually ate it. Hmm... maybe she needs to be fed some cat food. DH and I ate dinner outside at the picnic table, the sun finally came out!

Sunday there was a Thunder storm. Our temps have gotten warmer- last week we hit 70 F, and today was around 67 F. Nice little rain storm, didn't see any lightening though. (yes I went outside to look for it, but didn't leave the overhang of the house roof). Before the storm DH, Bumpkins and I went to a park in Soldotna.

Recipes: chocolate graham crackers spread w/marshmellow creme. Delish.


Fiber Chic said...

Your dessert sounds good! The seagull picture looks really nice. Sorry that you had to frog chenille AND fun fur. That must have took forever. :(

Lynn said...

So you get mice and bees adn I get lizards and snakes! Gee, who knew we lived in a tent!!