Sunday, July 13, 2008

Saturday Sky and Sunday Quote

Saturday sky.....

"The Sky is the daily bread of the eyes"
by Ralph Waldo EmersonKool Aid dyed yarn...
Stuff on the right was Natural Mar by Patons
Dyed w/1 package of Slammin' Strawberry kiwi
and 1 package of Watermelon Cherry
the stuff on the left is acrylic and wouldn't take the dye.

Knitting: almost finished with the front part of Bumpkins dress. Should finish it up tonight and tomorrow she'll have a new dress to wear.

Sewing/Quilting: nothing new. But have a deadline on Tuesday, so tonight will be spent cutting and sewing blocks together.

The weather has been warm lately 60 F. But Bumpkins thinks that that is too cold! While I have been convincing her to stay outside, the brush around the front yard has been attacked. Yesterday I found the rusty handsaw and took out 6 trees w/a diameter of slightly bigger than my wrist (4").
Today was spent out at a picnic and it was COLD! While we were sitting around outside eating and listening to bluegrass music, a comment was made that we could be in Kentucky for the atmosphere. My reply was "if we were in Kentucky it would be WARMER". Then further discussion was that this weather would be similar to lets say October, November, February, March. 50 F is chilly- and I was wearing long johns today. Especially when I work in 80 F w/ 80% humidity. Took Bumpkins out on a paddle boat ride today- she had fun. Hmm... she didn't complain about it being to cold- oh yeah that is because we already put a Homespun hooded sweater on her.

Recipe: Rhubarb dump cake: 4 c rhubarb, 1 c sugar, 1 3 oz pkg of raspberry jello mix, 1 box of yellow cake mix (dry), 1/2 c melted butter, and 1 c water. Layer in greased 9 X 13" pan than bake 50 min at 350 degrees F. It went fast! Everyone loved it, and there was a lot of rhubarb being displayed at the potluck. (For the butter drizzle over the top of the mixture for even coverage also drizzle the water over it all for even coverage.)


the boogeyman's wife said...

what a cool sky pic! the rainbow effect is neat.

Lynn said...

60 degrees is perfect for a crisp AUTUMN day, not a SUMMER day!