Monday, July 14, 2008

Random Website Monday

the dress I am making for Bumpkins,
the front.....

The back...
(complete w/ Bumpkins saying "I Cute!")

Knitting: the above dress is a Ravelry download pattern that is being heavily modified.

Quilting: stayed up until 3:30 making blocks for the border of the Round Robin quilt. Still more work to go on it.

Sent a Resume' out for DH today- will see what comes about on it. Today is a sunny day! Temps in the mid 60's. Still can't convince Bumpkins to go play outside- she is such a girly girl. Yesterday while we drove over the bridge, she had an absolute meltdown. Over a skitter being in the back of the car w/her. She screams bloody murder if a Carpenter Ant is on the stairs w/her. And her brothers don't want her to be a girly girl- they think it is me that makes the girls that way.

Random website: And because you have always wondered about their site.... Glaceau Water- Hydrate Responsibly.

ETA: Didn't realize there was a rainbow in the Saturday sky until Boogeyman's Wife commented about it.

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Lynn said...

She's right, she IS cute!! LOL Great dress. Next time she has to model it.