Tuesday, July 8, 2008

And to think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street.......

On the way to work today....
I saw 7 Police Cars in less then a
1 mile radius!
(didn't realize there were that many
Kenai City Cops and State Troopers on at 7:15 am!)

And other things seen on Mulberry street.........

(Yes the above pic is a DeLorian
aka: Back to the Future Car)

Below is just another really old car
that doesn't even have windows.
Hmm... early A/C?

Question of the Day:
How would you wax a 120+ foot long slide?

A) Put the wax on all of it and then go back to the top and buff it out?

B) Put the wax on in sections and buff it in sections?

If you guessed B, you were correct.

Today between Swimming lessons sets much time was spent sitting on
towels going down the slide to remove the excess wax.
Best results were achieved when hot tap water was poured down
the slide, then slide was turned on and more towel sliding commenced.

Knitting: Cast on and am a few rows into this... market bag. Not sure if I am liking it, and I am going to run out of yarn for it also. This is not a Sugar and Cream one ball knit.

Sewing/ Quilting: nothing.

Made brownies w/Bumpkins tonight. While mixing the brownish mixture, Bumpkins said "Mud". Later she asked to eat the "eyebrowns". Translation is Brownies! So her bedtime snack was fresh "Eyebrowns" and warm milk w/a drop of vanilla extract.

Strange stuff: Last night while surfing around and getting Bumpkins quieted down for sleep, I surfed across an interesting free knitting pattern site. Well Bumpkins decided she liked these- and no she isn't going to get them!


Lynn said...

but I love the neon bell bottoms!!! LOL

the boogeyman's wife said...

aw, but you know you want to make those pants! love the title....the only thing i ever saw on mulberry st (the same one dr. seuss wrote about even!) was a hooker :(

Fiber Chic said...

Mmmm...gotta love those eyebrowns!
And those bell bottoms-nice! :)