Sunday, July 20, 2008

Saturday Sky and Sunday Quote

"Softly the evening came."
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

(actually this was July 18, Thursday night at 11:45 pm)

My Kool Aid dyed yarn... in hanks
apricot acrylic wouldn't take dye,
gray now green w/2 pkgs of lemon lime Kool aid
Natural Mar now pink w/1 pkg of Slammin kiwi strawberry
and one pkg of watermelon cherry

a close up of the pink.....
there is some places that aren't as pink
but pretty good job for first try and home dye stuff.

Finished project
Swamp Witch Scarf
Knitting: finished up the Swamp Witch Scarf.
Specifics: yarn1 skein of black fun fur, 1 skein of white fun fur
1/2 skein of white acrylic and 1/2 skein of black acrylic
Cast on 12 w/US 19 needles
Garter stitch 4 rows than followed pattern until almost out of yarn.
sold for $30.00

Cast on for another pair of socks, this time as a test knitter. Interesting pattern. Be sure to check it out when she releases it. (will let you know when)

Been cleaning a lot this weekend and just relaxing.
Weather has been super nice high 60's F. And sunny, had to convince Bumpkin's that it was ok to be outside. Her favorite thing to say is "Daddy says no, go inside".


the boogeyman's wife said...

what a great name for that scarf!

wdhowellsr said...
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Lynn said...

Isn't Kool Aid dyeing fun? Did Bumpkins help you? And you sold the scarf? How cool is that!

Fiber Chic said...

Your Kool Aid wonderfulness looks great!
Love the scarf-and Bumpkins is adorable, as usual!

Jane said...

You yarn turned out very pretty!
Isn't it fun to kool-aid dye?