Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Update

Ok blogger isn't being my friend today. Not letting me do anything fun, like pictures, italics, or even centering. So this is going to be a boring post! Almost not worth the work.

Thing 2 came home this am- not scheduled to arrive until midnight. (come to find out it was 12:15 pm not am anyways). Everyone is excited and all routines are shot out the window.

It has been rainy here lately, except of course Friday it was over 70 F but I had to go to work. And by the time I got home it was rainy and 65 F. Tonight it finally got nice around 7:30 pm but couldn't convince Bumpkins to go outside.

If you are following the news about Alaska's State Police Commissioner, it has repercussions all the way into our house. We will see what happens.

Quilting: still working on this quilt border.

Knitting: am almost 1/2 way done w/the first sock that I am testing the pattern out for. Learning lots.

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Lynn said...

Have you ever hit 80 degrees in the summer?