Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What I saw on Mulberry Street

Another interesting thing seen.....
(of course it was at the Parade)
what a motorcycle that has 2 wheels up front?

Knitting: nothing new.

Quilting: still working on the Round Robin Quilt- it was supposed to go out in the mail on Tuesday, well looks like another couple of days will do it. Bugger it.

Almost had to cancel lessons today, the power went out at the pool last night and shut down all the comps. that run the pool equipment (the circulation pump, the hoppers for chlorine). No one was around to reset them. So most levels were off this morning- no one was in the water at 7:30 when I got there. Thankfully all was well by 8 am so we could run lessons as scheduled- I am taking a vacation day on Friday, and that would have been a bad day for me if I had to do make ups.

well gotta run out of here early tomorrow... paperwork out at the pool needs to be done.

Strange stuff: Sometimes the recycling bug can go a bit too far- like in the case of this purse.


the boogeyman's wife said...

what a crazy way to recycle soda cans! i'd be afraid the metal edges would cut through the yarn. plus those are already recyclable, i'd rather see a pattern for something we don't normally recycle.

Dandy said...

just wondering if my sock pattern made it to you?? I sent it to the g-mail account I found on your blog..

thats a super craze motor bike!!