Thursday, May 22, 2008

Athena is a predator!

DH left the window to our bedroom open and then...
he left.
Around 5:30, Bumpkins and I discover
bird feathers all over the place.
Athena is meowing and searching for something..
2 hours later, the poor thing is discovered in my closet
on top of my sweaters.
After finding camera to take photo,
the bird flies around the room.
Now imagine
a cat, a 3 yr old and a lady armed w/camera
all chasing the bird.

See Athena really wanted to keep this poor critter.
Bird was released outside w/o
being seriously injured.
(cat is pouting)

Knitting: restarted Bumpkins leggings, discovered a dropped stitch way back in the main body of the first leg.

Sewing: cut out template for my Round Robin quilt square now to cut out material.

Have been busy working, sleeping and reading this week.

Oh.. forgot that I burned my arm on Wednesday night while making dinner. Had boiling water w/butter on a back burner. After/while moving the pot to another burner to add the instant potatoes, somehow the boiling hot water splashed onto the side and leapt out of the pan and landed on the webbing part of my thumb all the way up to almost my elbow. Immediately shoved arm under the faucet and ran cool water over it. No blisters but it is still rather sore.

So that is all folks.. Summer vacation started today.


Lynn said...

How on earth did you get that bird out?!?!!?

spinnergirl said...

Cute picture of the cat watching/hunting the bird. Glad the bird was released without harm.