Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Quotes

"The moment may be temporary,
but the memory is forever."
By Bud MeyerDM's socks are done! all loose ends are woven in.
Knitting: finished above socks. Will be working on the pattern- as I have pattern bashed and now after another pair will have the pattern written out. Attempting a mini sock with size US 0 dpns and embroidery floss. I can honestly say that this sock is kicking my bum- have frogged 4 times now. Also did a couple of inches on Bumpkin's leggings (she has got to stop growing I can't keep up with her.)

Sewing: have got to finish up the "contest prize".

Nothing really happened today... except the XBox 360 died. Complete with red lights of death. Had to keep Bumpkin's downstairs while the thing was dismantled- she would have been stressing out because it was taken apart and she also would have been removing parts and pieces. Ie... helping. Cleaned up a portion of the counter in the craft room.

DH wants new checks... he says the last batch were a little bit much for him. What is wrong with little babies surrounded by flowers and bubbles? So what if some of them were Pink. And the photographer was Anne Geddes or her style. But no... we (him) needs less flowers, less pink, more manly type. Scenic, wildlife would be ok. Can you say BORING! That is so not me... ah but the compromise is he will do geometric! The whole point of getting new checks is to get something different. It is kind of like repainting your house or even rearranging the furniture.

Finished reading the Book started yesterday.. Quilter's Apprentice.

Dinner: Corned beef and cabbage with potatoes and carrots. Thing 2 said that he likes his cabbage cooked with lots of butter on it. I had to inform him that the cabbage tonight was cooked in almost pure fat/ grease. Then there was a big discussion on where the grease came from. Hello ... there is a lot of fat in the corned beef that was simmered on high in water in the crockpot for 5 hours. Then all of the veggies were cooked in this high fat broth- cabbage only until crisp tender (wilted). Later the discussion was on how the leftover meat would make a sandwich. Thing 2 emphatically said that it wasn't good sandwich meat. DH and I went on to explain what a rhueben was. Still Thing 2 wasn't convinced. Thing 2 also thought that perhaps we ought to grow rice in our garden this summer. Took me telling him that we need Florida or Georgia heat to grow that stuff. LOL

Oh and Dandelions were in bloom last week.

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