Monday, May 12, 2008

Random Website Monday

And this is the mini sock that I made
using embroidery floss and US 1 dpns.
(yes complete w/a mini clothespin).
Knitted up in Ravenclaw colors

Knitting: Attempted to cast on for another mini sock this time in purple. But having a dickens of a time w/it. Will try again later.
Sewing: nothing new today. Maybe a bit later.

Boring Monday, laundry, tire swap (winter tires to summer), library to return books not check any out :( Kind of chilly windy outside so no playing in the garden for me.
The tornado that was reported last week wound up being a williwaw. Did a lot of damage to airplanes and signs.

Dinner: was sherperd's pie. Turned out really good. Used the leftover roast from last night, 4 potatoes, several carrots mixed it together in a large baking dish. Over that poured 2 c water that had 3 beef bullion cubes dissolved in it and 1/3 c au jus concentrate (could have used 2 cubes instead of 3 as it was on the salty side). Covering all that was 9 servings of mashed taters. Baked at 350 degrees for a about an hour- the chopped taters and carrots were still kind of crunchy. But it was good and filling, even Bumpkins ate it and she doesn't like potatoes.

Random Website: This is a continuation of yesterday being Mother's Day. Word of caution not for the faint of heart (Bumpkins watched some of it, but DH said that it was wrong). Kitty giving birth to kittens video.


Kazul said...

Your package came, the computer came, it is raining, life is good.
Thank you ever so very much, I really like it! Very colorful. Sis rocks!

Lynn said...

Wow that was an AMAZING video! I've never seen cats have kittens before, I'm exhausted just watching!

Lynn said...

Oh and I forgot to add, you knit a sock out of embroidery thread?!!?!? OMG!!!!