Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday Sky and yard

Today's blue sky with clouds.

Weekly yard pic. Actually this was my garden 2 weeks ago.
The only thing that has changed was the snow melted.
The grass pile in the center is what I have raked up.
Knitting: have been busy this last week. Finished up another sock. More details on that one later. Am now 1/3 done w/the latest scarf project. Have attempted a few more rows on Bumpkin's leggings.

Sewing: finished up the Prize for Kaki. Did another pattern from scratch. Never did find the perfect button. Bummed about that one. Also completed surprise present for Kazul. Can't give out anymore info on those 2 until after Wednesday.

Been working long hours out at the pool. Friday, I was scheduled for Banker's hours 10 am to 3 pm. But at the last minute was called in to work at 7 am. There have been several women in water aerobics lately. Surprisingly since it is the end of the year.

This morning did yard work and finished raking the garden and 2 side flower beds. Tomorrow's goal is front flower bed and the flower bed out in the lawn. DH has got to get to the hedge as HEA is going to destroy it. Guess it will be me somehow hand sawing trees and climbing them and taking the rose pruners to them.

Mailed the packages out today (postage goes up on Monday) so by Wednesday everyone should have their parcels. Most are small enough to go in a mailbox.

Thing 2 had Boroughs today (track meet w/all the schools in the district competing against each other. Even the middle school kids were there. A very long 2 day event). Well he came home w/2 medals. A 3rd place finish in a relay and a second place finish in another relay. He ran both the 4X100 relay and the 4X400 relay (Bad stepparent can't remember which one was which!). Any way the second place finish might place these kids up at Regions next weekend. Hopefully he doesn't make State- because the whole football team is headed down to Seattle for a camp that same weekend State is. So he is going off to camp for a few weeks than to his mom's.

Today's temp: sunny and mid 50's.


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What a beautiful sky! And I can't wait to see some green in that garden!